Taiko Re-Skinning Workshop

Several of us met for a taiko re-skinning party in the 3rd week of March. 

Thanks go out to Jack, Michelle, Toshi, Walter, and Warren who came to the first day. There we took off the old heads and got the skin pre stretched in preparation for the second day when the heads are stretched and tacked. Several other small jobs were finished like putting wheels on stands, numbering the cubby holes, and other maintenance tasks.

On the second day, Toshi had the pre-stretched skin positioned and roped before we got there. This was his first solo effort setting up a skin to do the final stretch and he did it perfectly! Warren and Walter did the skin dance on the wet skin to get it ready for the final stretch and tacking. To get the  skin stretched properly people need to stand and bounce on the skin when it is on the drum body. This is the one time you can stand on a drum, so enjoy it. Warren and Walter turned the bachi twisting the ropes to tighten the skin. Once all that was done Brenda, Warren, and Walter drove in about 125 tacks to finish the job. Two days of drying and we have a practice drum with a new head.

We get to play drums because people care enough to volunteer their time and effort to maintain the drums and equipment. Helping in workshops is a good way to get to know each other better and it builds teamwork. Next workshop consider coming along and lending a hand, it is easy and it is fun.


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