Tomodachi Daiko Inc. (TDI) Annual Membership Fees
Our mission is to extend friendship and cultural awareness through the art of taiko drumming.

Your membership in Tomodachi Daiko Inc., helps the organization continue its mission of friendship and cultural awareness by providing funds necessary to build and repair taiko & equipment, acquire authentic taiko, make performance attire, insure our property, and promote our organization in the community.

The knowledge of building, repair and the upkeep of (TDI's) taiko and other equipment belongs to all Tomodachi Daiko Inc. members. All members who play and enjoy the taiko should also help with the building, maintenance and repair of taiko and other equipment. Workshops are held periodically throughout the year and are a vital way to keep up with the repairs needed while sharing the work among many. Notices of these workshops will be announced.
All Tomodachi Daiko Inc. members (and their parents) are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the organization. We are an all volunteer organization and need your help to plan, practice, play and perform. Your help as a board member, committee member or as an energetic volunteer of many projects or just a single task is needed. Some of the on-going projects include sewing, fundraising, acting as a Sand Lake student-parents liaison, grant writing, publicity, volunteer coordinator – the tasks are many. Please contact the instructors or send an email about how you would like to contribute.
Membership is for one year renewing each fall. Membership is required for anyone who wants to perform with the Tomodachi Daiko group. In addition to helping with the costs identified above, your membership entitles you to one vote if you are an individual over 13 years or a maximum of 2 votes under a family membership in all general elections.

Tomodachi Daiko conducts its business and planning meetings on a monthly schedule. Members are welcome to attend and participate of these meetings. If you are interested in our meetings, please send us an email at We will inform you when and where we will be having next meeting. Thank you very much for supporting Tomodachi Daiko.


Tomodachi Daiko, Inc. (TDI) uses e-mail for the majority of our communications to members about classes/performances, etc. Therefore, it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes in your profile.

Your membership and class instruction fee are non-refundable.