Sachiko Kono, the founder and president of Tomodachi Daiko, Inc. born in Tokyo has been studying, teaching, and sharing the fun of taiko since 2000. Sachiko thought taiko a fun way to introduce her Japanese language immersion students to an ancient Japanese art form. Sachiko received instruction from Master Tanaka of The San Francisco Taiko Dojo who helped her to build the first taiko and establish the taiko organization in Anchorage, Alaska. In addition, she has been trained by the Chokoma taiko group in Japan. She also attended workshops by Kodo, Dengakuza, and Hachijo Taiko. From the beginning of using drums made of tires, Tomodachi Daiko has grown stronger under her guidance. Sachiko’s son, Teppei is among the top performer of Tomodachi Daiko. Sachiko most enjoys playing with Tomodachi Daiko and seeing the smiles of members.