Toshifumi (Toshi) Kono, the current Board Member of Tomodachi Daiko, Inc. born in Tokyo, first started with Tomodachi Daiko 20 years ago to help his wife, Sachiko. The group needed a fue (the Japanese bamboo flute) player, a kane (the bell) player, and another drummer – one thing led to the next – playing then teaching taiko. Toshi most enjoys, “watching our students having fun while playing taiko and seeing the unity and harmony of our group.” Toshi wants to help break the barriers of shyness, provide self-expression, and raise self-esteem, especially for the children, Toshi has trained with Sachiko and Miyuki. Toshi also trained by Chokoma, attended Dengakuza, Kodo, and Hachijo Taiko workshops in Japan.